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Haike Group's petrochemical segment includes Haike Chemical, Haike Ruilin Chemical, Haike Petrochemical Sales Company, Petrochemical Supply Company, Haida Logistics Company, Haike Port Company, Baisen Quality Inspection Company, Haiyuan Company, Yuanchuan Company, Pu'an Companies, Mini Dolphin Energy Technology, HuiLian Technology and other more than ten subsidiaries. Relying on the experience of refining and chemical industry for nearly 30 years, Haike Petrochemical fully responded to the national supply-side structural reform and the old and new kinetic energy conversion policies, and promoted the transformation of product structure and optimization. It has now formed an international trade, petroleum refining, high-end oil product research and development, terminal distribution, Integrated industrial chain of hazardous chemicals, intelligent logistics and port services, independent third-party testing and quality control, terminal chain brand gas stations, e-commerce operations, safety and environmental management, and five-star services, and is committed to "building a digital management system." Become an intelligent and efficient energy service provider."


Name of Product
Better than national V, national VI standard
Vehicle diesel
Better than national V, national VI standard
Motor gasoline
Purity ≥99.2%, sulfur content ≤5mg/kg, water content ≤10mg/kg
The basic raw materials of the three synthetic materials are mainly used for the production of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, isopropanol, acetone and propylene oxide.
Purity ≥95
In industrial production, it is a feedstock for steam cracking to prepare basic petrochemical products. It can be used to produce propanol, which is often used as fuel for engines, barbecue foods and household heating systems in daily life.
Liquefied gas
Vapor pressure ≤1380kPa, C5 and above ≤3%, total sulfur ≤343mg/m3,
Free water: no
Liquefied petroleum gas is separated to obtain ethylene, propylene, butene, butadiene, etc., which are used to produce plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers and produce medicines, explosives, dyes and other products. It can also be used as a fuel and cutting metal.
Thermal conductivity: 5300W/(m?K), transmittance: 97.7%
25 times more conductive than copper, 136 times more ductile than gold and 105 times stronger than steel
Light yellow flake solid or liquid, sulfur ≥99.0%, moisture ≤2%, ash ≤0.2%, organic matter ≤0.8%
Sulfur is mainly used in the production of sulfuric acid, dyes, fireworks and rubber products, and can also be used in military, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other sectors.