Shanghai Dingyi Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. and Shandong Huayuan Financing Leasing Co., Ltd., subordinated to Haike Group, was founded in 2013 and put into operation at the beginning of 2014. They are committed to providing financing leasing services to small and medium-sized grow manufacturers. At earlier times customers were enterprises in the fields of textile, electronics, machining and other traditional industries, and now they have established strategic cooperative relationships with many banks and equipment manufacturers. Adhering to the efficient and feasible service concept, they strive to become professional and efficient vendors of comprehensive financing solutions.


Name of Product
Vendor mode
The vendor model is a strategic partnership between equipment suppliers and companies to provide financial leasing services to their customers to increase customer purchasing power, thereby achieving sales promotion purposes and avoiding unnecessary financial burdens or risks arising from self-hosting mortgages. At present, through continuous and in-depth exploration, cooperation and development of various industries, the company has established extensive cooperative relations with well-known equipment manufacturers and agents at home and abroad, in the fields of textile, mechanical processing, medical, petroleum equipment, vehicle transportation, etc. Intensive project cooperation was carried out.
The lessee will sell its own equipment to Dingyi at fair value, and at the same time sign a lease contract with Dingyi to lease back the special lease method used by the equipment. The advantage of after-sales leaseback is that it enables the lessee to convert the fixed assets into monetary capital while preserving the right to use the equipment to meet the working capital turnover needs.
Direct rent
Direct leasing is a lease that transfers substantially all the risks and rewards associated with ownership of an asset. Dingyi invests in the purchase of leaseholds from suppliers and leases them to the leased enterprises. The undertakers pay the rents to Dingyi in stages. During the lease period, the leasehold property is owned by Dingyi, and the leased enterprise owns the right to use and the right to lease.