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Sustainable development goals of Haike Group

In the coming years, we will continue to reduce the environmental impact of our business and create greater value for our customers and society with our unique sustainable products and solutions. Meanwhile, we will create a blueprint of cooperation with the society and customers, and promote the transformation of the whole society towards sustainable development.

  • Haike Group endeavors to build open and innovative core competitiveness and accelerate its strategic transformation through the capital operation. While enhancing its asset-light strategy, the Group focuses on developing new energy materials, semi-conductor chemistry, and nutrition & consumption. By making targeted efforts to develop medical business, employing appropriate methods to promote the petrochemical sector and keeping the financing leasing business running on a stable track, Haike Group has got rid of the basic chemical operation model and strives to establish itself as a green enterprise with top innovative and service ability.

    Haike's operational excellence and innovative development strategy

  • Haike values spirit as the foundation, toughness as soul, knowledge as weapon, refinement as approach and excellence as objective. The corporate culture of “Learn and Struggle” is implemented companywide

    Practice Haike Group’s “learning” culture

  • Boston--strategy & marketing
    Accenture--intelligence construction
    O' McKinsey--lean management
    Du Pont--safety management
    Hejun--service marketing system
    Korn Ferry Hay Group, DDI--strategic planning, organization design, talent inventory, compensation reform
    Deloitte--five-year strategic plan for new materials and special chemical business
    IMS Health--five-year strategic plan for medical business
    Star Lims--quality management
    Landor--brand image

    A management system that is compatible with innovative development and advancing the Group’s strategy

  • Each employee is essential for Haike to achieve its strategic goals. Our team is award-wining team which is curious, passionate and diversified. We work together to make our world a better place with innovation and imagination.

    Staff development & talent cultivation

  • Uphold the outlook on value development that puts customers at the first place in all work.

    Build an outlook on value development that puts customers at the first place.

  • While maintaining our world-leading performance in environmental operation, we ensure the health and safety of our employees and those involved in our supply chain.

    QHSE and Intelligence