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Personnel Training

Adhering to the concept of “talent is the first resource”, Haike group has attracted, cultivated and created a talent team which is leading the market, creating organizational advantages and leading the value orientation through effective system construction and mechanism guarantee to supported the realization of strategic goals.


Leadership Training

With 5 different training projects levels of “Sail Project, Pilot Project, Navigation Project, Captain Project and Foresight Project”, focuses on the improvement of talents at different levels and accelerates the rapid growth of reserve talents.

  • Sail Project

    Basic Capacity Development

  • Pilot Project

    Capacity Development for Basic & Middle Level Director

  • Navigation Project

    Capacity Development for Middle Level Director

  • Captain Project

    Capacity Development for Middle & High Level Director

  • Foresight Project

    Capacity Development for High Level Director


New Employee Training

Through "Blue Project", the induction training of new employees, we lead new employees to accelerate their integration into the group and enhance their sense of belonging to the enterprise!


Professional Ability Training

Every year since 2014, Haike Group organizes all mid-level and above managerial personnel for thematic benchmarking learning normally, relying on the group strategic focus, design quality course (executive teaching, theoretical training, dynamic learning, strategic sand table, benchmarking business visit and so o), which has played a significant role in training internationalized vision and promote comprehensive business ability and pattern.

Talent Recognition and Echelon Construction

Through scientific talent inventory mechanism, Haike Group carries out comprehensive evaluation on talents regularly, promotes the matching of talent quality and ability with group strategy, identifies high potential talents at different levels, and builds talent echelon of management positions at different levels step by step.

  • Capability Model

    Match group culture and establish talent standard

  • Talent Assessment

    Professional assessment covering all levels of assessment

  • Review and Application

    Establish talent management mechanism to link talent training and application