The signing ceremony of Tiandong Company's high-quality injection workshop project was held in Hangzhou

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? On the morning of January 14, the signing ceremony of the high-quality injection workshop project jointly established by Tiandong Company and Zhejiang Haicang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City. Dong Lei, general manager of Tiandong Company, and Xu Songlin, vice president of Haishu Company, attended the signing ceremony.

? This high-quality injection project is a win-win cooperation between the two companies in the fields of drug research and development, production, and regional authorized sales. It is also the first landing project of Tiandong Company to carry out MAH commissioned processing service business.

? The new workshop is located on the first floor of the preparation workshop of Tiandong Company. It is transformed from the original preparation workshop office area and spare parts warehouse. It is used for the pilot and commercial production of Haishu Company in the field of high-end anti-tumor injection. This project is a phased achievement of our company's excellent operation. It is a bold attempt by our company to attract external direct capital investment, revitalize fixed assets, introduce and learn core technologies. It is expected to increase net profit of more than 2 million per year for our company.

? Haishu Company is committed to the development of complex injection drugs with high quality and high technical barriers. At present, it has established core technology platforms such as gene delivery, liposome and microsphere, and has reached technical authorization cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Fudan Zhangjiang and Indian Rexahn.

? After many investigations, Haicang Company finally chose to cooperate with our company. It has obtained EDQM certificate, China sterility injection GMP certificate and FDA on-site audit in 2018. It is the partner's GMP quality management capability and production to our company. Recognition of technical capabilities.