Haike Group Zhenjiang Runjing Company passed the test of BOE

2019-01-11 Browse: times

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? ?Recently, Runjing's TMAH test group and four people went to the BJ factory in Chongqing to conduct the test of TMAH developer introduction.

? ?After many exchanges between the test team and BOE technicians, the import test plan was finalized, and the installation, commissioning, import and technical parameter monitoring of the series TMAH supply devices were completed. From the test process and product performance, BOE expressed high recognition for the concentration of TMAH developer and the line width and semi-transparent film thickness of Runjing Technology, and met the requirements of BOE TMAH. The test results achieved the expected results.

? ?BOE is the world's fourth and domestic first panel manufacturer, breaking the situation of China's "lack of screen and no core." The Chongqing BOE B8 plant will produce 1.7 million pieces of liquid crystal glass in 2017, contributing more than 30% of the net profit to the BOE Group. The successful test of Chongqing BOE B8 Factory laid the foundation for Runjing Technology TMAH developer to successfully enter the domestic panel market, and greatly enhanced the market competitiveness and brand influence of Runjing Technology Developer.