Shandong Haike Chemical Group was selected as “Top 20 China Energy Group Top 500”

2019-01-02 Browse: times

? ?The “China Energy Group Top 500” evaluation research project is a public welfare project jointly organized by China Energy News and China Energy Economic Research Institute, and has been launched for nine consecutive years. The research object of this project includes enterprises registered in China (including Hong Kong) (excluding wholly foreign-owned enterprises) and energy enterprises registered overseas, whose investment entities are natural persons or legal persons in China, and whose main business is in China. The project adopts the internationally accepted evaluation method, and the energy revenue of the energy group in the previous year is used as the evaluation standard. The data mainly comes from the financial data published by the company, the relevant institutions or the company. The evaluation results are of great significance for clarifying the pattern of China's energy industry, looking at the status quo of the industry, and establishing a benchmark for energy companies.

? ?The acquisition of this honor is a great recognition of Haike Group's implementation of innovation drive in recent years, the creation of intelligent factories and the promotion of strategic transformation. Haike Group will take this opportunity to accelerate the promotion of innovation, accelerate the increase of industrial added value, effectively promote the new process of high-quality development, and strive to build a green enterprise group with the most outstanding operational and innovative capabilities.