Dingyi Leasing successfully issued 412 million ABS products. Strong strength recognized by the capital market

2018-12-14 Browse: times


? On December 14, 2018, Shanghai Dingyi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dingyi Leasing”) successfully issued the third phase of asset-backed securities of Huajin Chengrong-Dingyi Leasing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with a issuance scale of 412 million yuan.

? The current asset support special plan is managed by “Huajin Securities Co., Ltd.” and the joint credit rating company is the credit rating agency. Among them, the priority A-level issuance scale is 340 million yuan, the priority B-level issuance scale is 0.29 billion yuan, and the secondary issuance scale is 403 million yuan.

? The current asset-backed special plan has a good quality of pool assets, with 124 assets in the pool, involving 92 tenants, with a high degree of dispersion. The company always adheres to high-quality risk control standards, and has advantages in enterprise management, business field, model innovation, asset management, etc. Strong market expansion capability, excellent asset management capability, and high-quality leased assets have gained good reputation in the market. .

? Dingyi Leasing focuses on serving small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on direct rent business, helping the real economy. Its stable and efficient business philosophy has been recognized by the capital market, and ABS products have been successfully issued under the current “private enterprise financing difficulties” economic situation. The funds obtained strongly support the development of the company's business.