Zhejiang Jiashan President Class-Changfeng Plan Cross-regional Exchange Activity Group visited Haida Company to visit and exchange

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? ?On the afternoon of November 30th, more than 70 people from the Jiashan President's Class-Changfeng Plan Cross-Regional Exchange Activities Group visited the Haida Group's Shandong Haida Logistics Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange. Dongying City Committee of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Labor Union Han Chunqiang, director of the Dongying City Enterprise Talent Promotion and Development Center, Sun Yulin, director of the Dongying District Economic and Trade Bureau, Lu Quanyou, assistant general manager of Haida Logistics, Du Qiang, and deputy general manager of the Department of Excellence and Intelligence, Yang Jingtao.

? ? ?At Haida Logistics Operation Center, Haida Company introduced the modules of Logistics Dispatching System (TMS), Intelligent Tube Car System (FMS) and Huizhou Chain Technology Dangerous Goods Platform to the delegation. The data analysis, intelligent management and control and platform operation of logistics have made an in-depth understanding.

? ? ?The exchange activity group expressed its appreciation for Haida's achievements in information technology and intelligence. Haida Company will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win results, and work together with customers to build a logistics ecosystem of hazardous chemicals. ring.